Group Theory

Music theory is an essential component of music education and provides a foundation for developing music literacy and musicianship. Understanding the language of music, how it is written, interpreted and applied, is an integral part of music education and as important as learning how to play or sing.

Theory teaches students the important elements of music such as notation, key signatures, scales, chords, intervals, pitch, melody, harmony, and much more. It is the language through which students/musicians communicate. Both music and language are complex communication systems, therefore, learning the theoretical aspects of music early in the process gives students the ability to apply the knowledge as they progress in their musical training.

Theory studies begin with an introduction to the basic elements of music notation at the Elementary levels and culminate with structural and harmonic analysis at the Advanced levels. We strongly encourage students to include the study of theory at every level. For classical music certification programs, theory examinations are mandatory from level 5 and up to earn a comprehensive certificate for each practical examination and its corequisite theory level. Written theory exams can be scheduled with Royal Conservatory of Music a few times each year.

Royal Conservatory of Music theory levels:

  • Elementary Levels: Preparatory to level 4
  • Intermediate Levels: Level 5 to 8
  • Advanced Levels: Level 9 to ARCT

Summer and Fall theory class schedule coming soon.

Group Theory Lessons

Lesson Duration Group Theory Lessons / Course Fee plus Material Cost
60 Minutes $380.00 – per grade for grade 5 & 6 (12 weeks each)
60 Minutes $400.00 – per grade for grade 7 & 8 (12 weeks each)
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