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Overview of Yamaha music education system

The Yamaha Music Education system is a program dedicated to promoting music education for children around the world. Yamaha Music Schools offer comprehensive musical training for children ages 2 and up. This unique method was developed over 50 years ago in Japan and is now found in over 40 countries throughout the world. The program has been highly successful, with over 6 million graduates. Yamaha Music Education programs began in 1966 in Canada and has an enrolment of approximately 10,000 students taught by over 160 teachers in 50 locations from coast to coast.

What makes the Yamaha Method unique and effective?

What makes Yamaha Method unique and effective? Yamaha's approach nurtures a deep appreciation for music in an interactive and engaging atmosphere. It combines the very latest music education techniques and cutting-edge technology to make learning fun and effective. Our group learning environment brings fun and joy to the learning process. Parents are actively engaged in their child's learning, accelerating their growth by learning, practicing and discovering together in class and at home. At Yamaha Music Schools, children learn a musical vocabulary called solfege which is used throughout the curriculum.Yamaha's seven-year program is designed to meet the unique potential in each age group and includes:

  • Ear Training
  • Singing
  • Playing Keyboard
  • Reading Music
  • Creating Music

All Yamaha instructors have undertaken a rigorous training and certification process to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to make the Yamaha teaching philosophy a reality. Yamaha instructors must demonstrate comprehensive musical scales. A desire and aptitude for teaching children of all ages and a genuine dedication to teaching beginning musicians.

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Why Choose Yamaha Music Education?

  • A worldwide network: Today, Yamaha Music Schools have developed into a large system with more than 690,000 students and instructors at 5,650 locations in the world. Over 6 million students from around the world have graduated from Yamaha Music Education courses. Yamaha Music Education programs began in 1966 in Canada and has an enrolment of approximately 10,000 students taught by over 160 teachers in 50 locations from coast to coast.

  • Benefits of learning music from an early age: Research has shown that learning music from an early age strengthens children's educational, physical and emotional development. The best way to enhance your child's learning with music is to encourage listening to and learning music throughout the child's developmental years. Yamaha believes it is best to give children appropriate guidance in accordance with the degree of their physical and mental development.

  • Group lessons: The Yamaha teaching method is based around learning in a group class. Group lessons have many advantages that enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences such as making friends through music, developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles. For this purpose, Yamaha has developed a method whereby students can listen and play in a group, learning music while enjoying it.

  • Expert Teachers: Our teachers are specially selected for their musical ability and communication skills and, of course, they love working with children. They take part in intensive testing and training programs to become Yamaha Certified instructors and their work is monitored on a regular basis.

  • Emphasis on creativity: In order to enable students to develop their creative capabilities, it is important to help them develop the ability to express themselves by thinking freely. We help them acquire and enhance sensitivity and imagination, which are both sources of creativity, through our comprehensive system of music education.

Structured system of music education for children and adults

Yamaha Music Foundation provides music education through structured courses that are designed for a broad range of students from pre-school beginnersto adults who wish to acquire a high-level of musical ability.

The foundations of this idea began with "Music Class for Pre-school Children", in Tokyo in 1954. Later, this class developed into the Yamaha Music School which was designed to teach music based on key the fundamentals.After extensive practical experiments, the present Yamaha Music Education System was established with the objective of bringing out children's potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.

Yamaha Music School develops children's music ability by three characteristic approaches.

Yamaha characteristic

Three features for nurturing the musical skills of children in a relaxed environment

Comprehensive Music Education

1. Comprehensive Music Education

An essential point in enjoying music is a comprehensive understanding of the elements of music: 'listen', 'sing', 'play', 'read' and 'compose'. Yamaha Music School uses the keyboard as a learning tool but does not only focus on technical guidance for playing, instead allows children to learn music from different aspects. Thus children are motivated to apply their sensitivity and imagination and eventually, nurtures the ability to stimulate their creativity.

2. Timely Education/Learning at the appropriate time

It is Yamaha's principle belief that while children physically and mentally develops they naturally and effortlessly enjoy and absorb music, and it is at that time when it is important that the most appropriate education should be received. For young children whose listening ability develops most remarkably, teaching with emphasis on 'hearing' will help acquire the fundamental music ability and sensitivity to music while enjoying it. Which will therefore motivate them to further be interested and express themselves with music.

3. Lessons in groups

Children can share a greater joy of music by learning together with other children. Playing in ensemble with friends allows them to have a rich musical experience and deepen the understanding of music. Also, through music they have the chance to make friends and enhance their social skills and cooperation with others. Yamaha believes that group lessons are the most effective way to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young children.



Yamaha Music Foundation has completed much research illustrating that a child's ear develops most rapidly between the ages of four and six. Since hearing development is so closely related to learning music, this is the ideal time to start developing music skills. Accompanied by the parent, as the parent is the essential link between the class experience and successful practice at home, both child and parent can share the joy of learning music with one another.